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Технический надзор

Do you know that:

1. Statistic data proves every customer is 92% dissatisfied with his/her contractor?

2. Average appreciation of construction and repair works initiated by contractor amounts to 34% of the initial estimates?

3. Every second customer changes his/her unfair contractor?

4. 95% of construction and 87% of repair deadlines are missed?

5. 39% of buildings constructed under the ready projects purchased fromreliablesuppliers crack and shrink unevenly?

Reasons of all above are obvious - divergence of customer's and contractor's interests. Contractor is focused on generating maximum profit with minimum costs, and customer wants to get value for money paid. With customer's lack of experience and time, unfair contractors boost their estimates, add unnecessary works and too expensive materials. And in fact, when customer cannot see, contractor uses the cheapest materials and cuts out odd activities. Finally, having spent 30-40% more money than estimated initially, customer sees missed deadlines and permanent stress to result in furthersurprises”, such as cracks, rents, leaks, poor insulation and other defects.

What is the way out of this conflict of interests? How can you get out of this deceit and save your money, which is never spare?

We offer you to follow global practice and entrust your construction to independent experts of professional expertise.

With technical inspection performed by our experts, you will be free of all the stress you'd have if controlling your contractor by yourself, save 30-40% of your money and will finally get high quality and comfortable housing. Making the construction process controlled, transparent and predictable for our clients is our priority.

Our supervisors visit the sites twice a week, which can be rescheduled if necessary. Each visit is followed up with a technical report on the construction progress, including detailed description of activities being performed, extracts from legal and technical documents, progress and spending charts. Every project is served by a whole range of experts: civil engineer, design engineer, architect, construction estimator, electric designers, plumbing and ventilation designers, environmental engineer and surveyor.

We are committed to our client's interests and look for individual construction and repair solutions. Cost of our services is just a small part of money you save with us!

Don't Waste Your Money, Time and Nerves! Just Call Us!

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