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—троительство и ремонт магистральных трубопроводов

I. Construction of gas pipelines, gas consumption and gas distribution objects

Russintek's production centre allows entering into operation more than 100 kilometers of gas pipelines per year with appliance of the modest modern construction materials and engineering decisions.

Performance geography of the company covers more than ten regions in north, central and south area of the Russian Federation. Production objects are located in different climate areas with different geological conditions.

The largest oil and gas companies are among our regular customers.

To perform works at pipeline crossroads under the road, railway road or water barrier Russintek applied a method of pipe driving which provides a possibility to run services under valid transport roads, railway roads, rivers and other barriers where cut-and-cover method of running services is impossible. The following technologies are applied here:

Х horizontal directional drilling (GNB),

Х directional drilling,

Х puncture hole,

Х forcing through.

Pipe driving has the following advantages:

Х Cost reduction (in four or five times) to develop channels and resurfacing.

Х Reduction of performance timeframe.

Х Reduction of headcount required for performance.

Х Traffic interruption on the road and railway road is excluded due to work performance.

Х Work performance within constraint environment is possible.

Russintek also performs construction and major repair of industrial, technological and administrative objects:

Х booster pipeline pumping stations;

Х tanks and oil storage tank;

Х support bases;

Х administration and on-site facilities;

Х arrangement of multiple well platform;

Х gas-distributing stations

II. Major repair of main pipelines.

Russintek performs major repair of main gas pipelines and elbow gas pipelines consisted of technical actions complex focused on full or partial repair of pipeline up to project features.

The Company also performs the following services:

Х Geodesic conversion of road;

Х Load handling operations and transportation of pipes;

Х Arrangement of minor roads (активна€ ссылка на ƒороги - вдольтрассовые проезды) with use of geosynthetical materials;

Х Partial or full replacement of pipes;

Х Coffering of pipelines;

Х Isolation and repair of isolation cover;

Х Ground works;

Х Road clearing;

Х Replacement of liner block valve station;

Х Installation and welding of pipeline;

Х Quality control and test performance.

Our company succeeded in developing and implementing the following innovation technologies:

Х Technology of performing repair works at the elbow gas pipeline without gas closure to consumers with appliance of looping from PE pipeline.

Х Technology of machine corrosion coating at the roads with appliance of bituminous-polymer cements and roll reinforced material. This methods allow isolating pipelines with diameter up to 1420 mm including and is recommended to work performance on re-isolating road pipelines of Gazprom.

All used materials are certified and meet State standards (GOST)51164-98 УRoad steel pipelines. General requirements to anti-corrosion protectionФ. Developed modifications and construction combinations of materials allow using them in different climate areas including the Far North and Central Asia.

To fulfill these works Russintek has got all necessary resources and licenses including the license for projecting and construction, and it also possesses all required construction equipment and mechanisms. Highly professional engineers and specialists with great experience in oil and gas industry perform given tasks.

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