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I. Construction and repair of roads.

Russintek provides the following services:

conditioning of road bed, ground works

paving operation

reinforcement of road bed by geosynthetical materials  as it increases bearing capability and operating life of objects

major repair and  pothole filling

roads reconstruction

traffic lane markings, installation of bump stops and road signs

walkway installation

strengthening road slopes with geosynthetical materials

Repair of road bed using cast asphalt and concrete is being done in winter time. This method does not require asphalt consolidation and allows to repair blow-ups without making them being milled-up.

Application of geosynthetical reinforcement allows doing the following:

- provide rigidity and stability of asphalt and concrete constructions,

- avoid blow-ups,

- prevent differential shrinkage in asphalt and concrete layer,

- reduce costs of road maintenance by 25 % (repair costs are also being reduced),

- reduce the risk of wash boarding,

- minimize unwanted mixing of soils with different features,

- reduce the cost of expensive materials to development of construction layers of road bed by 30%.

II. Road construction within difficult climate and geological conditions. Development of minor roads along major roads.

If there are complicated construction conditions or weak soils, slopes and landslides area, Russintek reinforces ground with geosynthetical materials.

Use of minor roads and non-asphalt roads reinforcement with geosynthetical materials gives following benefits:

- substantial saving of soil and outlay costs as there is no necessity to replace weak soil with drainage soil,

- bearing capacity of roads is being substantially increased,

- lifetime of the object is being substantially increased,

- unwanted mixing of soils with different features is being minimized,

- performance period is being reduced.

We have considerable experience in road construction and we are fully responsible for our work and also provide all guarantees for all performed works.


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